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 Organising presentations

A multi-day conference can have upwards of four hundred presentations to organise.  not only do you need to ensure you receive every presentation before the conference begins, but you also need to ensure that they run properly, and have all relevant embedded files with them.

We can assist in this process in three ways.

Firstly, send through the presentations as they are completed.  this way, we can check them as the day of the conference and ensure that embedded files run as they should.

Secondly, we can include a speaker prep room as part of our conference package.  a speaker prep room is a designated area set up with computers, printers, and with technical assistance for the duration of the conference to allow presenters to make changes, fix errors and print notes.  this area can also be patched into a network to each of the breakout rooms, and the presentations piped to the control laptops as they are completed.

Thirdly, we can create the main presentation(s) ourselves, or develop a professionally designed slide master to be applied behind to presentations.  we can create holding slides and animations, through to full motion-graphics packages, in standard resolution or hi-def, for single-screen shows or widescreen blends.  the possibilities are endless!

 Presentation Guidelines

This sheet can be copied and pasted into an email and sent to presenters prior to submitting their presentations to the technical team.

1. Embedded Video for powerpoint files (.ppt) that include embedded video files, the video file itself needs to be included in the folder with the .ppt file.

For example, a folder called 'jai's presentation' needs to have two files in it.  one .ppt file (e.g. jai's powerpoint.ppt) and the video file (e.g. jai's embedded video.wmv)
the reason for this is when you save your powerpoint file, the .ppt does not include the video inside it, but rather creates a link to wherever the video has been saved.

2. Fonts

The same applies to special fonts.  if you have used any specific fonts in your presentations that don't come standard with windows xp, you need to copy them from the c:/windows/fonts folder on your machine.  do this by:

1. finding the fonts you have used and selecting/highlighting them with the mouse
2. hold (ctrl) and hit (c) - this will copy your files on to the clipboard
3. paste the font file into your folder, by holding (ctrl) and then hitting (v)

once your fonts are in your presentation folder (e.g. jai's presentation), they can be installed on to the show machine to ensure your presentation runs as expected.

3. Rehearsals

When a technician will be responsible for running your presentation from a script or notes, it is highly advisable to either rehearse or run through the presentation with the operator.  the more time you have available for this, the more able the technician will be to fix any errors or help tidy fonts or layout.  for this reason, conferences with large numbers of speakers should consider using a speaker prep area.

4. Speaker Prep. Area

A speaker prep area is an area designated to presenters wishing to run through their material, test or tidy it, or make changes. laptops are provided that have the same operating system and programmes on them so that if the presentation works on these machines, it will work on the show laptop. a technician (or technicians) are available to assist with this, ensuring the smooth running of all presentations.  printers are also provided so that presenters can print out their notes.

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