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  About us

M audio visual india is originated from a mehta radio which started in 1971.

M audio visual india is an audio visual company that provides a high-end audio visual production services - and chances are you’re using someone similar to us right now.

'similar’ of course, being quite different than ‘the same’.

I could knock on about the experience our staff gain working on special events , or the ridiculously huge investment we make in technology to provide the level of complexity and sophistication expected by today’s conference market, but how does that benefit you?

What makes us differentis we can try new things, because we know what we’re doing. it’s that simple. our staff actually know what they’re doing. they're unflappable, in control at all times, expert audio visual technicians. every staff member, including sales and management have a wealth of experience in live events.

We’re a small team, and we don’t manufacture clones in black shirts from a small room out the back - we hire talented individuals and they stay with us, because it’s fun working for happy clients and finding new, creative ways to enhance events with our technology. it’s what we love. it’s what we do.

We don’t have a huge marketing budget to tell you how great we are, but we do have loyal clients who are happy to do it for us. if you’re looking at working with us, check out our testimonials, or give our clients a call. then give us a call. we’d love your business.

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