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  Your Event - A Unique Experience

Depending on whether your event is a conference, a gala dinner, a charity fundraiser or an incentive, there are many ways we can assist with making it memorable. create an environment.

Whether creating a comfortable learning environment for conference attendees, or giving sponsors and guests bang for their buck at a charity event, the creation of a fun, exciting environment can have great impact. from a walk-in effect, created with coloured lighting, movement, special effects or action, through to creating warmth and atmosphere with theming, set, layout and lit walls, there are so many possibilities.

The walk-in the walk-in is the guest's first impression of the journey they're about to take - if they're greeted with a full-scale indoor war with smoke and bombs exploding around them, or find themselves negotiating their way into the room through a tropical garden complete with birdsong, they know they're in for something a little different.

Changing the standard why not lay things out differently?  if using projection, why not create a backdrop from rear-projected images, or build lighting and screens into a set.  why not create media to fit widescreen format, which combined with rich velvet drapes gives the atmosphere of a cinematic presentation.  why not create an entire new world inside the four walls of your room, a structure, walls, a ceiling with images flowing across silk or polystyrene shapes, stars in the ceiling, plasma screens in the audience, uplit with colour.

There are two ways of putting together an event - the way everyone else does it - and your own way. we'd love to help you find your own way.

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